Get Specific about your goals!

New year is coming and most of us will be writing our goals to achieve in the coming year but people write goals and at the end of the year don’t achieve them or sometimes even don’t know if they have achieved them.

There is one fine technique to set goals which give you more clarity around your goals and help you to measure them and achieve. When it comes to set goals, being specific to goal is the way to go. Clearly define what you want to achieve, by when you want to achieve and what are the actions need to be taken.

Listing actions to taken is not enough, you have to list down the obstacles that may come in the path to achieve the goal, its not that you have to know all the obstacle but anticipate some of them and make a plan how you would overcome them.

Now you have the goal and the action to be taken, now you need motivation, to get motivation to achieve the goal, you shall feel what would be different after you achieve the goal, so do what we call mental contrasting. Feel of two positive effects of achieving the goal, like you look more smarter (if loosing weight is your goal) and will get more dates or you will get more carrier opportunities and higher salary ( if your goal is doing an MBA from Harvard) and also visualise two obstacles, like you may not get appropriate references for you MBA admission application and after this work towards removing the obstacles and achieve the goals.

Achieving goal is a process, where you keep reminding and motivating your self that you have to achieve the goal, measure the progress as how much you have done and how much is left, and continuously working towards achieving the goal and removing obstacles.

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