Why Customer service is not customer experience

1_4MVtB3UiMsD7sb-_Qe7S9gWhichever business we are in, customer satisfaction is critical for the growth of the company. Its the customer who should feel excited about our service or product, we must provide real value through our product or service. Customer is always in centre of everything we do, what we create to make sense only if it creates value for the customer, a product or service is as good as it is perceived by the user. These days Customer obsession is the reality and also the mantra for running a successful business. Competition is stiff and barriers to enter any business has been diminishing rapidly, customer centricity is a new dimension for differentiation. There are two popular phrases “customer experience” and “customer service” which are used frequently when we talk about customer obsession, people think both are very similar and even same, after all, customer service is customer experience, no, this is not exactly right!

Difference between customer experience vs customer Service
So what is customer experience, customer experience is a broad concept which defines how a customer feels when he interacts with your service and product at various touch points when he purchases something from you when he read some article on your site when he asks for help? All the touch points are customer experience, so how it is different from customer service, customer service is a part of customer experience, on the name of customer experience we cannot just improve customer service but we have to take a holistic approach to understand customer problems and pain points and resolve them. Customer experience plays a very important role in the success and in the Failure of a company or product. We shall start thinking about a product from a customer experience perspective.

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.
– Steve Jobs

Why customer experience is more important than customer service
Customer experience is how a customer feels when he interacts with your service or buys your product, how easy and delighted is his experience and if something went wrong how quickly and effortlessly it gets solved. On the other hand customer service is just a part of customer experience, customer service as a whole is very important.

The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.
~ Jerry Gregoire

How you can improve customer service by improving the experience
If customer experience is excellent, your website is intuitive, your product is excellent, all the information regarding your service or product is provided then most of the customers don’t need any assistance and customer service has less customer to support, as well customers are more satisfied and well informed so its easy to solve their problems.

The customer’s perception is your reality.
~ Kate Zabriskie

In today’s competitive landscape where everybody has easy access to technology, its not easy to differentiate. Customer service could be a differentiating factor and make the difference.

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