I am shameless!

Today what I saw and felt had shocked me terribly, I saw a homeless and penniless mother of two little girls, one girl may be of around 4 years and another of just 1-year-old, the mother was giving them bath by the roadside, elder girl was helping her mother by washing hair of her younger sister. It was emotional, it’s not the case that I haven’t seen homeless people before but I have never seen small kids in such pathetic situation, kids were happy and playing, they were very innocent. For a moment I put my self in the place of kids mother and felt her emotions, it’s shattering to see your kids like that, where you don’t have home for them and you can’t feed them, Everybody wants to give their children the best of the world but when you are not even sure that you can keep them alive for a long time, it is worse, its worse than anything I could imagine, there could be nothing worse than that!

I am a father of a 3-year-old boy and I can really empathize with her, I was standing there for almost half an and feeling like they are my kids and I was in deep shock. After I recovered from my deep emotions, I asked her if she has someplace to stay, she told me that she always find some new place to stay when she was thrown from the older one, then I was not sure what should I do, so I took all the money I had in my wallet and handed over to her and walk away.

I haven’t done anything their situation, I left them to die, I walked away shamelessly, I have fulfilled my responsibility by inducing some emotions for them, by empathizing with them and by giving them a little amount of money. This is absurd, I am feeling very helpless, I want to help them but I will not and I don’t know why! I want an answer why I am not helping them and as a matter of fact why we all don’t help people in such miseries? If you have an answer to this question please let me know in comments.

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