We work From distraction to distraction.

We work from distraction to distraction, whatever time we get between distractions we spend it on something productive. Our mind craves distraction, we are addicted to distractions and we love distractions.

We work on something, then we get some notification, this notification takes us to some news or some message, which leads us to some other thing to read or to reply or something else, we spend some time on the distraction. Once this distraction is over we again start working, after working on for some time we feel like reading news, as its very important to know what’s happening around us and what’s happening in our industry and what new from our favorite brand, we spend time reading news and other stuff about our favorite topics, once we are done with this we again start working.

After working for sometime, either we get notification about an email or we feel like reading email to know if there is something important we missed or there is some useful or informative email we may have received for which we haven’t got notification as that might have bundled in Update/Forum/Promotion, so now here we spend some time to stumble on different emails messages from various people and in various categories.

There are various other distractions, like social media which invite us to know what our friends and family are up to, calls from friends or family member or from a delivery agent to confirm the address. Point is, most of the distractions come out of our craving for more information and to be up to date on current affair and about our friends and family on social media as we have an inherent fear of being left behind if we don’t keep yourself updated.

Work life is not peaceful anymore where we work for hours without much distraction, but now it’s full of distractions and curiosity to know more, to know about the latest every 5 minutes. So the time we have between these distractions we try to spend that on doing something productive. I am not sure how we would come out of this rut but we have to come out otherwise we will lose our capacity to do something remarkable which require deep work and peace of mind to find next appropriate step to accomplish the remarkable.

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