Why it’s important to come out of comfort zone.

We all want to be in our comfort zone, a comfort zone is where we feel safe and we don’t have to do much of activities and we are in no one’s observation zone. Our mind forces us to do same things as we do always, whatever we do every day, they become habits and doing something new is difficult and when this something new is to be performed in front of others, it becomes very difficult.

Why it’s important for us to come out of comfort zone? always being in comfort zone make our life stagnant and lose our capacity to do new things and we start losing our confidence in ourselves and we start to hesitate to do new things. Not being comfortable with new things reduces our growth and make naysayer to many good opportunities. To keep our mind in practice to handle uncomfortable and chaos we must challenge it periodically so that it won’t freak out when it has to make decisions and perform in real chaos. We must be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable to do something new.

I find one thing to do every day which makes me uncomfortable, this I keep my mind active and I don’t hesitate to do new things and things which I am not comfortable in doing, if something comes on my way which I have to but I am not comfortable to do, I don’t wait even wait for second but I do it, because I practice being uncomfortable every day. I have some ideas which can be used to choose one thing every day which makes you uncomfortable.

  • Play a new game with game experts and loose
  • Brush with being on one foot
  • Smile towards everyone
  • shut all your gadgets, including your mobile for a day
  • go to office by public transport, no Uber but can use Bus or Metro
  • Sit in a new place in an office
  • Do public speaking
  • Learn new language

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