Focus can change everything.

In any field of work and profession, there are people who are successful and there are other people, why it is so, why is not everybody successful? you can say because not everybody can work hard; yes you have a point, working hard is the first step but I have seen people who work very hard, even harder than their more successful peers but still they are not able to perform that well, so what’s that one most important skill or trait which makes people successful. I have observed many people throughout my career in corporate and as an entrepreneur and I can tell you, the most important trait or skill is Focus!, find your calling in life and forget everything else, just Focus on that calling, work day and night on that one thing, learn everything about that one thing and you will start feeling the difference. Focus gives you a tunnel vision, yes I know people say tunnel vision is not good but when you want to drive very fast you need a tunnel, without any distraction at all. Focus do one necessary thing, which is really required for success, it concentrates all of your energy at one thing and this phenomenon increases your pace of learning and finishing tasks by many folds!! and success is all about producing quality output at a fast pace.

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