Against all odds.

Sometimes, there is a situation where we have to take some decision which is very crucial and a lot of things are on a stake and depends on the outcome, an experienced person look inside himself and recollect all of his experience and take a decision. The decision taken might be right or wrong but we take full responsibility for it and live with it. When the decision comes out to be wrong, there are so many questions raised and we face all these questions with grace and humility without losing our confidence, we try to clear all doubts as to why we took the decision and why all other options didn’t make sense at the time. So point is, we make decisions and some are right and some are wrong, even in case of favorable outcomes, you would face critiques, who can easily give alternative theory which might have result in a more favorable outcome but as a human we take our decisions based on factors and situation which matter at that time and we must be proud of that and never ever lose confidence in our self and face afterward situation with confidence and humility. This doesn’t do any harm to us but add to our experience and confidence.

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