Heaven and hell!

I am not sure what to write but there is one thing which I was discussing with one of the founders who is in education space, he is my friend and a technical founder. We were reflecting on the difference in our lifestyle when we were in corporate jobs and now when we are founders, and we both have similar experiences.

Then we used to enjoy a lot, used to go on several vacations annually, we used to work hard on weekdays and party hard on weekends and always restrain to work on weekends, we used to wear expensive clothes, go out for dinners in expensive restaurants and that too very frequently, used to watch lot of tv on weekends, used to watch at least one movie in theater every week, basically apart from working hard on weekdays we didn’t usually miss any chance to enjoy. Now things are completely different we don’t go out on vacation, we work hard on weekdays and we work hard on weekends. Now when we purchase clothes, we make sure that they are not expensive and we buy only those clothes which are really necessary. Now no more eating out in expensive restaurants.

One very clear change which I observe in me, is that now I am not able to enjoy anything, I don’t enjoy movies, vacations and eating out, I prefer to stay home and work , it seems I have lost my capacity to enjoy. So after reflecting on our past in corporate job and present as founders :), both of us were thinking; is it like heaven earlier and hell now!!

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