Time travel to find answers!

If we can time travel to the past, we can do so many things differently, we can go in past and advice our past self about various things which can increase our chance of success in whatever we do and we can tell him about his future events so that he can prepare for them and tackle them with confidence and prepared mind.

This sounds very exciting to me, Kotton Grammer founder of Kotton Grammer SEO agency, which makes millions in profits annually, describes a fascinating technique to improve yourself and find answers to your many questions. which he calls Time travel. What he suggests is we can jump to our future and have a dialog with our future self and we can also jump to our past and change some past ideas.

Meet with future self and behave like him.
To improve yourself and make you a successful person, close your eyes and imagine yourself as a billionaire in ten years from now and time travel to that time.

See yourself in the future, see the entire house, the expensive furniture, luxury cars, feel the success of your future self. Now observe how your future self-works, how he walks, how he talks to people, how he makes deals, observe everything about your future self and when you open your eyes, take notes of everything you have seen there, about your future self and start behaving like him, do this exercise for at least a month, jump to your future and stay there for an hour, see everything and behave the way your future self-behave. This exercise will eventually rewire your brain and make you behave like a billionaire.

How to jump to the past and what to do there?

The way you jumped to future, you can jump to the past of your life timeline and edit certain information, like what, suppose someone said a very bad thing about you and you started hating that guy, what you can do is you can go to the past and erase that particular moment when he said that or you can change his wordings. It’s not easy to do it but with practice, it can be done. You can change all your bad memories like this or create new memories which can help you get success in the present.

What we discussed here seems childish and we can immediately turn it down by saying it’s not gone work, it’s not practical or not based on some research or no one is doing this, its just fantasy. But I believe in it and I believe Mr. Kotton Grammer, I am starting practicing it and will do it for months from now and I hope I will be able to rewire my brain, I will post on the effect of time travel on me!.



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